Generac Home Generators

Generac takes two seconds to power your home leaving you with a sense of comfort knowing that you can weather any storm. However, Generac is prepared to eliminate any residual feelings of helplessness by introducing GENERACTIVITIES. 

AD - Beth Hughes

Two sided ads - Side A shows the viewer a Generactivity.

Side B reveals the purpose and the benifits of Generac home generators. 

Generac emergency instructions that will live in home improvement magazines. 

Emergency instructions copy.



A deck of Generactivities comes with every purchase and can also be bought as a point of purchase item. The deck comes complete with 50 activity cards. During a storm each family member draws a card. In the event of an outage each person must immediately preform that action before the power is restored.



Youtube pre-roll spots that last only two seconds long. Those that are curious enough might find a way to read the body copy, but most will only catch the headline; which is all that matters anyway. 

That’s not even enough time to read this ad